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I have successfully captured about 300 gig of home video using the Capture program. I am able to replay these on the computer in which the capture was done. However, I need to move the files to a home media server. I was able to do a copy, but when I attempt to play the files, the player opens but the video will not run. I did the copy by attaching both the computer and the server to my router with a cable.


When the playback failed, I tried to copy one of the videos over the wireless network. When I tried to start the copy, then program stated something like "All of the files cannot be copied to the selected destination/location" or something to that affect.


I was able to successfully copy other videos taken on my phone, to the server, and the playback works fine across the network. I believe something with the file type is not right, but when making the capture, I don't know what type to use, and I don't want to select any of the devices displayed in the list, as I will be playing these on multiple devices.


The captured files on the server show .avi extension while others are named such as this .VIDEO0002.3gp.jpg


I am amazed that the User Guide with this program does not have a single instance of the word "video" in the index. I bought this program specifically for video, but there is little or no information about how to use these features of the softwore. Can anyone give me instructions for doing what I am trying to do?


Thank you!

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