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Recording Tv Programs

Mary C


I bought some cd's and put one in my device and of course has no format. I went to Roxio to find out what format to create for recording TV programs.

I cannot find the correct one. I do not have 2012. I have Windows 7. What am I missing?


Thank you


Mary Lydon

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Not a clue? :huh:


You have the 'Red Box' version of Easy CD and DVD Burning that you purchased from a store?


post-39730-007271800 1316971487.jpg


"CD's" are only capible of holding Data files (possibly video) and Video CD format...


DVD's are used to make DVD Movies.


The Red Box is very limited but even the full Suite may not be what you need :glare:


Please spell out exactly what your Source will be.


And what you want the end Results to be.


Then we can probably advise which way to go ;)

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