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How To Fix Your Audio



Note: This is a temporary fix.


If you have Skype running (signed in or not). There's a bug that causes the Skype to drop sound instead of dropping RGC's sound. An example; If you're on a Skype and you're listening to Pandora and you do a call to your friend. Pandora's sound will reduce by 50%. In this case, it's the other way around with Roxio Game Capture. Instead of dropping RGC's audio. It increases it by 50% causing the audio to have this masses distorted or bass affect.


How to fix it?


Uninstall RGC.

Sign out of Skype and force close it. Alt+Ctrl+Delete and find Skype.exe.

Install RGC

Restart Computer

Make sure that Skype doesn't auto sign in. If you do. Please uncheck it and ensure it doesn't sign in or load. If it loads. You'll need to remove it from the msconfig.


I know it's a hassle. This is the only way. You cannot use Skype.. You'll have to use another computer to Skype.


There may be other programs out there that causes this issue. However, I was able to duplicate this and test it out. So far, it's been 3 weeks since I had an audio issue. Mainly cause I don't use Skype since I have another computer.

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