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Toast Titanium Won't Convert Videos On A Mac



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Thanks. Yes preview works. Then when I hit the red record button, it looks like everything is working except it will stay at 0% forever.

Maybe it is doing the conversion but not showing the progress. Look where you saved it in the Finder to see if that file size changes. You also can open Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder to see if Toast is using more than a minimal amount of resources. Let me know what the kind and specs of the video you are trying to convert and what format you are converting it too. If I have a similar video file I can check how it progresses on my Mac.


I don't know why this would make a difference for your problem, but trash the Toast plist and prefs files and relaunch Toast. Maybe this is due to a corrupted preference. Are you running Toast 11.0.4?

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Thanks. It apparently worked on a different TiVo download so that's progress. I was trying to save the video to the desktop. I don't know how to " trash the Toast plist and prefs files."



Since it worked on a different TiVo file then the problem must be in the source video. If there is a break in the video it is possible that Toast can't get past it.

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I just bought Toast Titanium 11 for Mac and it won't convert videos. I load the video, it starts to show converting, but never moves from 0%. Please help. I am a teacher and need to help students. joe@digital3000.net


You're not running into the exact problem I ran into, but if you look at other posts on this forum you'll see TiVo support in Toast 11 is mostly hit and miss; sometimes it will work okay, but on other files it will completely crap out (my main problems were in editing, but I had files which would just crash Toast completely).


I ran the issue up to the second level of tech support, where the ticket was closed with no resolution. I think at this point your options are:


  1. Suck it up and deal (which is basically what Roxio told me).
  2. Use something else. There is a freeware command-line tool called "tivodecode" to decrypt the file you download off of the TiVo, and then you can use a program like MPEG Streamclip to edit and/or convert the file. You don't get a nice interface, but it all works. MPEG Streamclip is free, but you need to buy a $20 plugin from Apple to make it work.

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