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Disc Catalog Maker Re With Toast 11





When I finish burning a DVD/CD using Toast 11 on Lion 10.7.1, the Disc Catalog Maker RE application automatically runs but never loads properly; it crashes and I have to force it to quit. Sometimes I don't notice it in my Dock until hours after using Toast.


I see no preferences related to auto-starting Disc Catalog Maker RE or any other of the items under Toast's Extras menu.


Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?


Thanks very much!


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The setting to automatically open DiskCatalogMaker is in the Toast Recorder Settings window. Choose Recorder Settings in the Recorder menu, then click the Advanced tab and you'll see where you can disable that.


DiskCatalogMaker RE is launching fine for me in 10.7.1. Mine is version 5.6. It may work to trash that app's plist file in your User>Library>Preferences folder.

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Toast Extras

Toast 11 Titanium includes a number of additional applications to help

you save, share, and enjoy your digital media. Optionally installed by the

Toast 11 Titanium installer, they can easily be accessed from the Toast

Extras menu.

SDX Audio Capture Software

SDX helps you automatically capture system audio from any running

applications, capture and tag streaming music, and allows you to

rediscover your music by digitizing analog audio from your vinyl LPs or

tapes to enjoy on CD, DVD, and iPod.

DiscCatalogMaker RE

DiscCatalogMaker RE tracks the contents of your burned discs so you can

easily locate files and folders without having the disc in your computer –

with photo thumbnails saved on your computer for easy Cover Flow®


Disc Cover

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Disc Catalog not creating thumbnails without a $$$$ upgrade,,, not what I purchased Whats UP

According to this page on the developer's Web site the Cover Flow feature works in the RE versions bundled with Toast 11 and Toast 10 for many file types. Is your complaint that it doesn't work for all the file types?

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I just purchased Toast 11 Platinum Pro. I can not get the DiscCatalogMaker RE to work at all. I have tried everything. Clicking on it does not open anything up.

It launches fine for me and the developer's site shows the RE version bundled with Toast 11 to be supported in all recent Mac OS versions. I suggest downloading the latest Toast update from Roxio's software updates page and reinstalling. It may be that Toast needs to be launched one time before DiscCatalogMaker RE can be launched the first time.

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I'm running Toast 11 Titanium Pro and I too cannot launch DiscCatalogMaker RE (clicking on this choice in the menu has no effect). I have the latest version of Toast installed. I'd already launched Toast several times before realizing DCM was bundled with it. I'd like to upgrade this program, but don't want to till I know this basic version works. (I'm concerned that, if it doesn't work now, it won't work once I plunk down more money :)

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In fact, not only does DCM RE not launch; neither does Get Back Up 2 or Disc Cover 2.

Go here for links to free updated versions of these three apps. Also, you probably need to go to the Security & Privacy panel in System Preferences and change "Allow apps downloaded from..." to "Anywhere" until after you've launched each of these apps for the first time.

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