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Dvd Movie Loads Very Slow



I am using windows 7 I made a movie with 7 chapters of year books from the 50's. When I tried to play the movie it opens very slowly it may take from 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. It will also freeze at times and other times when I try to play the movie it does not freeze but still loads very slowly. Can you tell me what is wrong. I am using Easy CD and DVD Burning (My DVD Express).

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If your playback of a movie you've made on Video-DVD stutters, pauses, and sometimes freezes, the DVD might have too many burn errors.


All burned DVDs have errors - it's the nature of the beast - but the discs are written with error correction and usually a player can correct the errors as the disc is read. However if your disc has too many burn errors for your player to correct as it plays, then you get the behavior described.


Some things which help to reduce burn errors: [other good suggestions welcome]

-use good quality blank discs, avoid el-cheapo discs and use ones with a good reputation

-don't let the discs get dirty, dusty, or get fingerprints

-avoid dust in your burner

-slow your burn speed down to mid-range of your burner rather than the fastest speed you can get

-avoid things which break or slow the flow of data to your burner.

- -keep your hard drive defragmented

- -don't do other things on the computer while burning discs. Keep background programs to a minimum, too.

- -don't encode and burn at the same time. Encode to a disc image first, then burn from that image afterwards

- -If copying, don't copy a disc 'on the fly'. Copy it to your hard drive and then write it to a disc.


If you can reduce your burn errors by doing these things, you should get much better playback performance.

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