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Smooth Transition Between Audio Tracks



Hello, I've been searching for a solution for a small problem I have. I've basically finished recording these 7 songs in Pro Tools 8. With track 6 I have this atmospheric sound in the background which is to carry on over on to track 7 without being noticeable that it has changed over to the next track. So no pause, no pop or sound that is noticeable. I've already tried creating one file in Pro Tools with both exported master wav files joined together with a cross fade linking them both, having a marker set for where the last track is supposed to start and exporting the 2 tracks from before and after the marker but I still end up with the smallest pause when burning it all to CD.


I've heard that Toast is a good solution in solving these transition problems with Audio tracks but have yet to try it.. as there seems to be no free trial available??


Is there anyone that has came upon this problem and solved it using Toast 11?


Thanks for your help



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Although there is no free trial, if you buy Toast as a download from Roxio they have a 30-day refund policy. Toast supports gapless tracks and has crossfades. However, if you preview the disc in Toast before burning you'll still hear a brief silence between the tracks that is not on the final CD. Toast also has a track trim feature that I've found useful when a small silence is within a track that I want removed. I don't have ProTools so don't know if it will work for you the way you want. But there is a good chance it will.

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