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Problem Burning Cd



I'm a total beginner and want to copy some of my music to see how the software works.


I used Creator and copied the CD to a project. I put in a 700MB blank. EMC said the capacity was 702.8MB but still wanted an 800MB blank.


I delete 2 of the tracks. EMC still wanted an 800MB blank.


I has some old CD-RW blanks so I tried on of those. EMC8 said the capacity was 651.9MB but that it needed a 74min (650MB) blank. If the tracks would fit on a 650MB then for sure they should fit on the 700MB blank, don't mind the 651.9MB. Right?


I'm using a DVR-110 as the burner.


Any solutions?

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You might try using Music Disc Creator instead.It is the app made for making audio cd's.Down at the bottom you should see a drop down letting you choose the size of the media.

I moved to the Music Disc creator. Thanks for the tip.


bodaire, is it possible to just ignore that message and have the burn complete?

I looked into that, Luke, and the OK button was greyed out when the 650MB blank was in the burner. The OK button was greyed out for each of two 700MB blanks I tried in the burner. I had tried unsuccessfully to burn to those two 700MB blanks previously.


I tried a fresh 700MB blank and the OK button wasn't greyed out (even tho it said "1 CD-R 80 min needed"). I hit OK and it burned the CD for me.



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