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Sd Video On Bd Disk - Compatible Players?



I had issues with toast 10 - but with 11, I was able to drop the vids in and successfully burn a disk with 15+ hours of SD. It plays back on my mac just fine, but so far, neither a Samsung nor Sony BD player will even recognize the content - one says, "nothing recorded" and the other "unrecognized disk". SD on BD is a part of the blu-ray standard - is it completely ignored by the player companies? Anyone successfully play one of these on their player?




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hrm....... so I selected blu-ray disk in toast11 at the start - but it burned a video_ts file structure (yep, that's what is on there) rather than whatever a bluray should be........... SD is, I thought, supported.....reading the fine print, I see that they mean you can put a DVD format file structure on the BD disk.....


The actual BD formats are:


Resolution Frame rate[a] Aspect ratio

1920×1080 29.97-i 16:9

1920×1080 25-i 16:9

1920×1080 24-p 16:9

1920×1080 23.976-p 16:9

1440×1080 29.97-i 16:9 (anamorphic)

1440×1080 25-i 16:9 (anamorphic)

1440×1080 24-p 16:9 (anamorphic)

1440×1080 23.976-p 16:9 (anamorphic)

1280×720 59.94-p 16:9

1280×720 50-p 16:9

1280×720 24-p 16:9

1280×720 23.976-p 16:9

720×480 29.97-i 4:3/ 16:9 (anamorphic)

720×576 25-i 4:3/ 16:9 (anamorphic)


no actual SD...... I could force the SD into HD with bars but I'll lose a lot of the capacity.



So, with all the streaming capability tv's etc are picking up, maybe I'll just dump it on a BD-rom format and give my mother a BD reader drive for her computer.....



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It plays using APPLE DVD player - just like any DVD. Video is 4:3 format as it should be. I selected Blu-ray clicked video and dropped some movies in the window.


I changed the Menu Title, left the aspect ration at standard and clicked burn.


Roxio Video Player, seems to be just for playing videos. I could drill down and get it to play VOB files just fine.


Get info in DVD player says

720 x 480 4:3, NTSC, Standard Def


I'm pretty sure Toast is doing the right thing, I was just looking for confirmation that some if not most Blu-ray players do not handle SD on BD format.



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I thought you made a Blu-ray video disc containing standard-def videos. But you created a DVD video disc and burned it to Blu-ray media so it could be larger than fits DVD media. I've never encountered anyone doing this before, but I can understand your interest in trying it out. Apparently your set-top Blu-ray players don't expect VIDEO_TS folders to be burned to Blu-ray media. The Blu-ray disc file format is entirely different and when the player sees it is a Blu-ray disc it is looking for the Blu-ray video file structure. Not seeing it gets you the error message.


Meanwhile, Macs don't read Blu-ray video discs so when you loaded the disc on the Mac the OS found a VIDEO_TS folder regardless of the type of media and launched DVD Player. By the way, Roxio Video Player plays Blu-ray discs burned by Toast on Macs, which is very nice.


Which brings us back to your original question (with some clarification): Are there Blu-ray video players that support playing back from VIDEO_TS folders burned to Blu-ray media? I wonder if any of the forums at avsforum.com has addressed this question.

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