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Burn Audio Cd



I record a few songs with the sound card then bring up burn audio cds. The songs I recorded come up on the left side. I drag to the right and burn OK. When closing the program ask if you want to save project, I say no and close. I go to start/music/recorded tracks and delete recordings. I can reopen burn audio cds and there are two songs on the left side waiting to be dragged over. How do I get rid of these two songs that keep coming up? They don't cause a problem I just don't drag them over but would like to remove. Thanks for your help.

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I think you're talking about the 'Quick Find' window.


post-208-012426700 1318978848.jpg



I couldn't find any way to remove those two entries from mine, even after I turned off folder monitoring and cleared the list of folders to be monitored. Most annoying.


I finally found that the folder information shown in that Quick Find window was stored in a file called Album.psod which was on my hard drive at:

C:\Documents and Settings\%myname%\Application Data\Roxio\EMC13\MediaManager, where %myname% is my account name on my computer.

If you don't want to track the file manually, you can probably find it by doing a Windows search on your machine for *.psod.


After exiting all Creator 2011 programs I deleted that Album.psod file. It came back next time I ran 'Burn Audio CDs', so I exited everything and killed it once more. After that it stayed dead, and the offending entries had gone from the Quick Find window.


post-208-080377900 1318979534.jpg


Is this what you want? There should be an easy way for a user to clear the Quick Find window, but I didn't find one.





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Windows 7's search is unnecessarily complicated, if you ask me. If it won't let you search for *.psod then search specifically for Album.psod.


Type Album.psod into the search line, and when it tells you if can't find one, click on See More Results.


post-208-038200500 1319025550.jpg



In the subsequent 'Search again in' box, click on Computer


post-208-053664000 1319025659.jpg


You should now get a couple of results for Album.psod - kill them both.


Restart the Creator program and go look at your Quick Find window. If the listing still shows there, you might have to find and kill Album.psod the second time like I did, but after that the box should be clear.




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