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Pause Video Recording



I want to "Pause" the video recording while I change some short 8 mm source tapes in my Sony Handycam. I am using the "Record, Edit and Save" to record to my C: drive. There appears to be no "Pause" control in the Easy VHS to DVD program. Pushing the "Record" button stops the recording and closes the file. So, how do I accomplish the "Pause" function during record?

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Yes it will just not the way you are thinking ;)


You STOP it then record the next...


I did 3 in this example:


post-39730-052085900 1319055420.jpg


post-39730-071121100 1319055422.jpg


post-39730-095334200 1319055425.jpg


post-39730-005934700 1319055428.jpg


post-39730-095726400 1319055429.jpg


I decided to output them to Archive so I get 3 seperate files:


post-39730-098694200 1319055431.jpg


Had I used the DVD choice I get 3 menu buttons OR without a Menu, it will combine all three.


It is a limited Editor, hence the low package price ;)

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