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Videowave To Ipad2


So I have Videowave project (created in Creator 9) that I like to install on my wife's ipad2. So I thought, just output the project to MPEG-2, for DVD best, then use that resulting file as input to Creator 2009's Video Copy and Convert to write a MPEG-4 file. Easy Right? But for some reason the Ipad won't accept the Creator 2009 MPEG-4 file.

So I tried using a source file that was not from videowave (specifically an eight year old mpg file from a digital camera, thinking that it might predate MPEG-4). Tried using that with Creator 2009 Video Copy and Convert to MPEG-4 and it worked just fine.

Is there some trick to getting a videowave project outputted to an Ipad2 acceptable format? Most critically, can it be done with Creator 2009?

Thanks for your help

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