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Can You Work While Burning?



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I'm new here. Can you work while burning a DVD or BluRay disc?

Thank you




I think several things have changed over the years that now combine to make it much safer to continue using your computer while you're burning something:


1) CPUs are faster, so any computational limitations of the burning process aren't as big a deal in comparison. This also means that most other things you might do won't have as large an impact on the needs of the burning process.

2) Multi-speed drives are able to slow down and burn more slowly if the media is difficult to burn, or presumably if the CPU isn't sending data to be written to the drive fast enough.

3) Windows itself has changed. In particular the "cooperative multi-tasking" that essentially mimicked true multi tasking in Windows 9x versions was replaced with a true multi-tasking operating system in the switch to NT, Windows 2000, XP and later. The older operating systems could easily be hung up by almost any application taking a little too long to do its work.


The good news also is that most CD-burning software will detect and alert to errors rather than just leave you with a corrupt disk.:rolleyes:

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