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Run Time Error



HI Jim, I'm here with hat in hand. You were correct when you said if on a previous post after I tried a clean reinstall. I thought everything was working reasonably well. New issues.

1.When you want to save an e-mail the only option is "Save as type Roxio Photo Suite JPG Photo". It saves to your windows picture. If you click to open Photo Suite starts to open then says "Photo Suite has stopped working a problem caused the program to stop working and will close" When I used to save an e-mail it would save to Windows as a JPEG.Photo Suite seems to have hijacked this process.


2. I can't send you an example when I use the windows snipping tool it will also only save to Roxio Photo Suite.


3If I open Photo Suite it says Photo Suite 13 has stopped working and windows will notify me if it finds a solution.


3.If I'm in Creator and open Video wave that's when I get a run time error message.


4. All the audio programs work OK. I would cut my losses if I would get back saving the pictures to windows. The other stuff maybe corrupted beyond hope. Thanks

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1. I use Mozilla Thunderbird for e-mail. When you receive an attachment ( Picture) You right click the picture, save as, it used to save to windows JPEG in Windows Live Photo Gallery in you Pictures. That was you only choice in you right click and chose save as. Now the only choice is save as Type Roxio Photo Suite JPG Photo. It goes to windows live Photo Gallery. You then go start/pictures and try to open the picture, it's saved as a roxio picture and tries to open Photo Suite 13 which fails to open. You can't open the photo with windows in Photo Gallery.


2 That's the snipping tool and when you drag the box around the subject it used to save to windows photo gallery ( second step)and you could open from windows photo gallery. When you wanted to post you would click browse on the forum go to pictures select and upload.Now it saves to Roxio Photo Suite JPG photo in photo gallery and wants to open with only Photo Suite 13



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I can't reproduce that but I run MS Office - Outlook...


I think the problem lies in your Associations for PhotoSuite...


Change them so it only associates with it's proprietary files:


Tools - Options - Associations:

post-39730-032326600 1320755377.jpg


That should do the trick ;)


Opps! you said PhotoSuite won't open...


Reset it in Control Panel - Auto Play then:


post-39730-070174500 1320755846.jpg


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That's what I was telling you it doesn't drop down and when you saved it and you opened it PhotoSuite 13 would try to open and couldn't due to the run time error. After I made your change in auto play the photo will open with windows photo viewer.That's why I said what ever file was corrupted hijacked the save process in my e-mail and the windows snipping tool if you saved to a JPG.it would say Roxio and that IS the ONLY choice. I don't know what else to tell you. After updating twice the tech's haven't fixed the runtime error but I'm happy you helped in me being able to open the pictures again. Thanks

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