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SmartSound Problem



Hi guys, I'm on creator 2012 Pro and I've been putting together some videos and music to create video files for the last couple of weeks without any problems.Now every time I go to add background audio the program either crashes or closes down.


I was working on files Saturday (24th) with no problems then it just started to crash. I rebooted and tried Roxio repair and nothing. I don't understand why this is happening, I didn't do anything different that I was doing a few hours before it started to crash.


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.




I have a different problem on Creator 2012. I have edited a film, and it has added to all my films the "SmartSound" without me asking it.

It's rubbish and I can't get rid of it.

Have reinstalled the program, but there is not facility that I can find where you can delete this ridiculous sound track.

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When you have a problem, you start a New Topic not post in an old topic that might be a little close :lol:


post-39730-081701600 1321559903.jpg


There are actually Four different programs in the Suite that you could have used. Need to know Which One you are talking about :huh:


You may not remember putting the Audio in, but NONE of the Roxio programs will do it automatically. It only gets there after you select it.


It should be pretty easy to fix, but we are going to need the specific program you are working with to show you how ;)

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