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Strange Problem With Newly Bought Roxio Gc



Hello, I bought a roxio GC recently, and after unpacking it, setting all the cables properly as showed in the video tutorials and installing the cd software included with the card I have a problem with the screen capture.

The fact is that in the PC the screen is lacking some color tones and blurry, while in the TV screen it is seen perfectly. I tryed all the different configurations available in the software suck as different types of PAL (I am from spain) but none of them solves the problem (Some of them work, and some don't).

I went further with the testing, and I could see that the problem is the same for my 2 consoles, wii and xbox 360, and it seems like the problem is that the red video component cable is not reaching the pc, since I unplug it and there is no difference in the pc, while in the screen I see it colorless as the pc. Also tried with a different (but similar) usb cable that I happened to have, and same problem.


As I said I am using PAL, since I live in Spain, and my SO is Windows 7 Professional x64. ¿Is there anyone else having the same problem? It seems like a deffective unit to me, but maybe I am missing some configuration step or something. I contact technical support and atm I am waiting for a response of the tier 2 support, but it would be nice to know if someone have the same issue and how, if possible, he solved it.

Thank you for your time, Best Regards

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