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I have been using a utilty called AutoOpen with Toast to set the position and appearance (folder appearance) of OSX volumes when discs are inserted into OSX.


I have recently noticed it seems to have stopped working ... I am on now on 10.4.7 but have been using it for a few years.


The website at www.nibfile.com has gone, can anyone tell me if this is a known issue caused by an update to OSX... aaaand most importantly if so, is there another utility to mandate the size and positioning of icons and colours of spring loaded folders in OSX ?




- Dean

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You can accomplish much of what you want from within Toast now. Use the mac only format and choose the "more" button on the tab.




How much is 'much' ? Basically I want the disc to pop a folder, position it top lh corner and show the display options I have set under OSX such as; hiding the toolbar, icon view and size, colour or window etc.


These are mostly custom hybrids OSX and Windows.


- D

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