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Program Installed, But Can't Import Audio...



Hi all, I've just installed Easy VHS to DVD. The installation appears to have completed, however, when I try to use the product, I am experiencing problems. I would like to digitize some audio tapes, however, whenever I click on 'Digitize LPs and Tapes' no further options come up (although it thinks about it for a bit). According to the user guide, I should get a 'Capture From' drop down list - but this does not appear, so I can't do anything... I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, updating everything, following the 'preparing your computer....' suggestions, but with no luck...


In using Windows 7, and VHS to DVD version 1.2.198 SP2;



Any thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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Wow! I don't have that version installed anywhere anymore... :huh:


As I recall it should open LP & Tape Assistant.


First thing you might try is to locate the program, LpAndTapeAssistant in the Program Files (x86)/Roxio Easy VHS to DVD folder.


Once located, right click and select OPEN.


If if does not run directly, then you will want to do the Prep Steps to the letter!


Then start the install of the Suite, only pick Repair when it is offered.


Updates to Roxio will have to be installed when you are done.

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Hi Jim, thanks ever so much for your reply.


I found the LP and Tape Assistant file, opened it and actually managed to record a couple of tracks successfully! ....but that was yesterday....today I've gone back into it, and sadly it's not picking up the audio... the L & R meters don't move at all. I'm not having much luck!!


Thanks again for any suggestions. :)



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:glare: sounds like your Anti Virus software may be killing it...


A lot of AV Software include a Registry Cleaner AND Reg Cleaners are well known to be overzealous and wreckers of software :lol:

(last one I used was in 1995, so whatever evil they are supposed to fix must not be too important after 16 years without using one)


Look into that - there will be a place to turn it off in the AV software. ;)

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