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Dvd Capacity



Hi Guys,


I have installed the Easy VHS to DVD software and experimented by recording about an hour of a VHS video then writing it to a DVD.

It worked reasonably well but I was surprised to see that just over 1 hr occupied over 4 GBytes on the DVD-RW. I can't see how I can archive a 2 hours VHS tape to a DVD under those conditions.

Everything I have read points towards being able to get at least 2 hour’s worth of video on a DVD. Has anyone else run into this issue?

Could it be that the cable from the VHS player to the USB dongle is picking up some noise which interferes with the compression that takes place (I'm guessing that compression does actually take place)?

Also, I was a little disappointed in the video quality; it seemed a little washed out.


Thanks for your help...


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At "Best Quality", figure one hour of video on a standard DVD, 2 hours on a DL DVD. Can you put more on? Yes, but it will get compressed more, and you'll start compromising quality. The software will compress based on how much material you're trying to put onto the disc, and how much space is available. So, if you give it a single layer DVD, and an hours worth of material, it will pretty much fill the disc. If you give it 1 1/2 hours of material, it will compress the video more, and still fill the disc.

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DVD Capacity works like this:


HQ = 1:06:

SP = 1:37

LP = 2:22


8.5 Gb:

HQ = 2:00

SP = 2:57

LP = 4:19

ELP = 5:35


HOWEVER… You only want to use the HQ (high quality) since your source, a VHS tape, is lower quality to start with and will not tolerate the lower outputs available!


When you use Record Edit & Save, and select DVD for the output, there is no choice, it will be HQ!


If you use the Record DVD then you must set the Quality!


post-39730-065306800 1322740607.jpg

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I have read on the web that there are many file compression software out there that can reduce the .mpg files. Can anybody recommend a good free one to use from a safe site. I have the same problem as RichjB, I want to put 2 hours of vhs tape recording onto a single DVD.


Not True :o


You can't get something for nothing...


Besides, we are talking about making a DVD here, not an mpeg file that can only be played on a computer and a limited few DVD Player.

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Great replies guys! Jim, I will try the Record DVD on a lower quality but as you say, may be disappointed in the quality.

I could put the Video on 2 DVDs. That will be quite good for viewing since we'll need a washroom break halfway through anyway:lol:.


Have you thought about double layer DVD? Your burner and player should be able to handle those. The layer break won't be long enough though ! :P

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