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Final Image Quality & Slowness Issues



Hello all,


I burned a DVD for my wife's company in Toast 10, and everything went perfectly and it looked as good as the final iMovie project looked.


Now, I have upgraded to Toast 11 and I am having several issues. First, it is SLOW -- taking 6-8 hours to process two M4V files and burning one disc. Second, the picture is horrible. The combined files are only 4.6GB, so I don't understand why Toast 11 can't give me the same quality as iMovie - especially when Toast 10 did it perfectly.


Any ideas on how I might improve both the project time and the final image quality (retaining the same quality that it started with)?


Thank you for your help!


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Are the .m4v videos high-definition? Were the iMovie videos high-def? What I've witnessed is Toast takes a long time rescaling high-def video to standard-def for video DVD. I haven't tried comparing the time taken by Toast 10 to Toast 11. I'm surprised that the video looks bad. Please describe the specs that Toast shows for the video when you add it to the Toast window. Also, what Mac do you have and which OS are you using. I'd also like to know more description of the "horrible" video looks. I'll check this out with some of my own files.

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