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How Do I Trim A Clip



I am trying to trim a clip that I transferred from my TIVO. It's a TV show. In fact I have tried on 2 different shows.

I have set the two little triangles on each side of the clip but I acn't figure out how to proceed.

The manual is a little vague about which ones can be trimmed and why.

Can anyone shed a little light on what I can do.

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First I'll point out that it may or may not work. I found the editor to be buggy. What you do is find the place to start your edit and click the double triangle. Assuming you marked the start of the edit then drag the right half of the triangle to the right where you want it to end. To do another edit move the playhead marker at the top to the point where you want a new edit and click another double triangle. Continue this until you are done. At this point I choose Save from the File menu but I don't know if this is necessary. When you return to the Toast window you'll notice that the total length of your video is now shorter than it was originally.


At this point you should be able to proceed with doing what you want Toast to do with the video. However, you are likely to find that the final video is trimmed too much. For some reason Toast oftentimes will decide the video is completed at one of the middle edit marks and not include the remainder of the video. This, of course, makes the editor useless. I haven't tried it with Toast 10.0.9 so maybe this has been fixed.


If not there is a workaround if you are running a version of OS X prior to Lion. It involves downloading a tool called TiVo Decoder which removes the TiVo package around the video and makes it a MPEG 2 video file which then can be trimmed with the application MPEG Streamclip.

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