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Unable To Save Label Creator Project


I had Creator 2011 and this problem started. So I thought I would upgrade to Creator 2012 to fix it and get some new features. Well it didn't fix the problem. I am still unable to "Save Project As" because nothing happens. It acts like a dead button. I first uninstalled and reinstalled Creator 2011 hoping that would fix it but it didn't. So I thought going to Creator 2012 would take care of it.


Any ideas what could be the problem? Appreciate your help on this matter.



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Trying to buy a solution and throwing software at a problem rarely fixes anything :lol:


There is something wrong with your system and it is wrecking the programs... most likely an over zealous Anti Virus or Reg Cleaner.


Let's try this...

Do the
to the letter!


Then start the install of the Suite, only pick
when it is offered.

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