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Upgrading From W Xp Pro And Creator 6 To W7 64



Hi Folks

I'll apologise if this is a rehash of an earlier topic. BUT. I have been running Creator 6 Platinum on my old XP Pro machine with great results in all areas. Unfortunately that machine has now died (R.I.P.). I have since purchased a Xenon X6 with Windows 7 Pro (64bit). needless to say creator 6 won't install due to incompatibility of OS.


Can I still purchase an upgrade or do I need to purchase a full OEM version???


Upgrade used to mean that you had to have the old program on there first to be able to upgrade it. The OEM version was needed if you installed a program from scratch


Thanking you in Anticipation


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You need to purchase a new version. The current version is Creator 2012 which is 8 versions along from yours and there is no 'upgrade' path. You could try contacting sales to see if there is a discount on the newer version (presuming yours is registered) but no guarantees on that


OEM versions by the way are cut-down 'freeby' ones that come bundled with some computers

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I think the word you're looking for is a retail version, rather than an OEM version.


The retail version is the real thing, while an OEM version is a cut-down version that's either given away or sold cheaply by an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer such as Dell.


When you're upgrading Roxio software, you get the real thing for a reduced "Upgrade Price".


According to THIS PAGE on the Roxio site If you have Creator 2010 or earlier, you'll get $20 off the list price of Creator 2012, or $30 off Creator 2012 Pro.

If you have Creator 2011 you get $30 off C2012, and $40 off C2012 Pro.


Having Easy CD and DVD Creator 6, the way I read it you qualify for The $20 off the standard version, or $30 off the Pro version.




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