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A Solution To 98 File Limit, Error 18771 And How To Get Hd Dvd Of Your Holiday Snaps



First of all, I want to thank tsantee for all your help with understanding the 98 file DVD limit, discussions and how to search for information in this forum.


The hours I’ve spent on this must be equivalent to many 24 hour days, so I hope this will help another person who wishes to burn lots of videos and photos as high def (HD) video on a standard def (SD) DVD.


Problem. To get 403 mostly HD (1920x1080) 16:9 video & photo and some 4x3 SD video & photo (MP4 & JPG) holiday snaps onto a standard DVD using Toast’s HD/Blu-ray plug-in in their correct order and aspect ratio. Creating a SD video takes about 10 mins of my time using iPhoto11 and iDVD06. But why have a HD camera if you watch it in SD? This is just a summary. Detailed steps of what I did are contained with the attached Word doco. It is a little complicated, but it worked for what I wanted. No transitions. No extra music. Just the videos and photos.


98 file limit.


Separate 4:3 from 16:9 and split into video & photo. Convert photo to slideshow (video) using the original file-name. I used iMovie06 which produced a 4:3 transition-free (.MOV) slideshow. iPhoto11 automatically added a 2 sec transition. iMovie11 is more complicated. Also, my 1080x1920 (vertical 1920x1080 pics) had their tops cut-off with iMovie11.


Convert these converted photos and the 4:3 video to 16:9 using Toast’s Convert Video Files (Quality: 720p). They will appear as 4:3 within a 16:9 shell and have a black line on each side.


Imported ALL 403 files into iPhoto (Sort = filename which preserved the required order and Classic = no transition). Exported as a single 1920x1080 16:9 slideshow using Custom settings. My 4GB of files took approx 16 hours to convert.



18771 error.


I’ve had the run-around with Roxio with a problem with CD Spin Doctor, 16:9 aspect error and the 18771 error. Imagine my NO surprise 18771 has been going on for over a year. Basically, Roxio doesn’t give a ^#!& about Apple MAC user service. I was previously told they concentrate more on Microsoft products - which is why my old Creator 06 (Microsoft) works so much better than CD Spin Doctor (Apple).


However, I can confirm that mikehooley’s fix actually works, even on my 6GB converted file (I tested using higher Average & Maximum bit rates until I found 12.5 worked). Used DVD Dl disc and let it run over-night.


Over 24 hours of computer processing later, I now have a high definition DVD of my Holidays with the clarity the HD pics deserve.

Create HD DVD.doc

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It means what it says. If you have this problem, search for it using its title.

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