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2 Hours Onto Single Layer Dvd



I understand that 2 hours of video onto a single layer 4.7 GB DVD will result in compression and lost quality. If I want to stay with single layer DVDs and get max quality, is a good solution to use 2 DVDs?


ie, using the Record, Edit and Save option, set the Capture duration for 1 hour and play the first hour of the tape. Then start a new Capture for the last hour of video as a separate file. Then burn each and store as 1 of 2 and 2 of 2 disks?


If the full 2 hours is Captured in one file, can the burn be set for 1 hour each?


Other than dual layer disks, are there other options?

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The 'Best Way' is the way that suites you :lol:


You could capture the entire tape...


Then load the tape in the Record-Edit-Save with the Import button.


Once there, use the Trim to set the "end" at 1 Hour = Disc 1


Then start new, import the entire tape and use Trim to set the "beginning" at 1 Hour = Disc 2


Some even prefer to capture in smaller chunks, say 10 minutes, and work with smaller files.


A 'disadvantage' of small, multiple files, is that they will output as separate files unless DVD No Menus is chosen ;)

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After posting my topic last night, I accidentally found the Trim feature. Think I will capture the full 2 hours of home video (VCR & Hi8), then export to DVD in 1 hour segments. Maybe overlap by 1 minute to be sure I don't loose anything. Best quality for minimal additional time and cost.


I've got about 42 tapes to capture, so want to get my system down before getting too far into the process.


Thanks for the information.

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