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Videowave Crashes When Trying To Add Avchd Footage



Hi, All...


I have been trying to edit my first AVCHD project footage captured on a SDHC card. This footage was shot with a new Panasonic HMC-40P and I am editing it with a new dell XPS (L702X). The XPS has quad core i-7 processors and a Nvidia GeForce 555M card. It has currently about 500 gb. of space available on the hard drive and 5 to 6 GB of available RAM. I am using Creator 2012 Pro. So, HERE IS THE PROBLEM:


I have uploaded the files via the XPS card reader to my computers hard drive. I open up VideoWave and start to add footage from these file. As soon as I do, the system crashes. It says "VideoWave has stopped working." and crashes. I have defragged the hard drive, run msconfig and shut down all unnecessary background processes, all the standard stuff. I can edit regular 720 X 480 footage all day long with no problems, but as soon as I try a hi-def file (AVCHD) VideoWave stops working. I have opened Task Manager and observed that the CPU usage shoots up to 100% as soon as I try to add footage with VideoWave open and running. ANY IDEAS?


I have been working with one of my Roxio mentors.... but we appear to be stumped. ANY BODY HAVE ANY IDEAS or has anyone else encountered this problem with Creator 2012 crashing as soon as you try to add AVCHD footage to the VW timeline. WADE

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What setting were they created at??? Some of the higher settings have proven troublesome with many editors :o


If you check the files look at the "Total bitrate" 16xxx kbps seems to work, whereas 23xxx kbps does not :(


If that is what you recorded them at, you may want to try a 3rd party file converter and do some test samples at a lower kbps rate ;)

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JIM: Thanks for the feedback. It may be that they were recorded at a too bit rate. I did already try a 3rd party file converter. When I downconverted to 1080p the sound was normal but the picture played back slow. Tried several different settings... same deal - normal sound picture playback slow.

I will check on the bitrate of the original files and get back to you.



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