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Macbook Pro Running Windows 7 On Bootcamp



I have a MacBook Pro and I am running Windows 7 on BootCamp. I am trying to burn to DVDs using Roxio easy CD & DVD burning. Every time I go to burn a disc. I get the message... Failed to start the image writing operation Error while burning image. 80004003 Error I seem to be getting very little little help from tech support. When I told them I was using a Mac with Windows...they basically told me that it was a problem with the Mac... I could use help from anyone that might have some ideas.

thanks Paul

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Don't really know...


Assuming all works on the MAC side AND you are running the Win7 Compatible version of the Red Box, should work <_<


post-39730-036499500 1323948971.jpg


But you have to keep in mind that Bootcamp does not make a MAC a 100% PC ;)


Look under Tools in the program and click on Disc Info with a blank disc in the drive.


post-39730-015701500 1323948952.jpg


Tell us what it reads???


Also tell us more details about your project? What is it? What does it consist of?

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