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Blu Ray Playback Problem



Hello there i'm back again.

Having successfully burnt AVCHD home movies I decided to go one stage further and invested in a blu ray burner.

Despite some teething problems I have managed to burn a couple of BR discs from imsage files.

However on playback I get lots of very brief 'freezes' which puts the audio out of sync.

Have had several attempts,using both PC and laptop but with same result.

I am relying on you gurus to help me out yet again.


UK Mick

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Thanks for reply.


Used a VERBATIN BD-RE 25gb 2x Speed.I also tried a non-rewritable but forget which make and have disposed of it now. Am using a Samsung se-506 portable Writer and Panasonic player.


Method (using laptop) - Load AVCHD Clips (have tried with no music,transitions or effects)/ Send to MyDVD / Select BluRay Option / Select High Quality / Burn to Disc / Save Image File only / then Select Burn to Disc / Get 'Project completed Successfully' message.


However once playing get very slight video pauses causing audio out of sync.


Can play on laptop using Writer via Cyberlink PowerDVD 9 but same result.

PC - 'Graphics card incompatibLe (Video Connection type is Analog)' although can play by Open File / BDMV / Stream but not watchable.


As I said originally I can produce the same film by converting to Mpg 4 and selecting AVCHD option with no problems


Thanks again for your time.



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Nothing really jumps out... Discs (Verbatim) are Great :lol: High Quality IS the best setting to use...


Converting the files from MP4 is a completely unnecessary step, 'and may' introduce other problems. Try it without that step ;)


Only thing I do differently is to burn to Folder in MyDVD, then use Burn Data Disc to burn the Folder I created to a BD-R or RE... just seems to work every time whereas burning directly to disc or ISO File & disc does not :huh:

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Thanks for advice.

Tried your suggestion -

Created new Videowave file

In MYDVD selected Bluray and then Create Folder Set (nothing else checked)

This gave me a FILE FOLDER.

Then used it in BURN DATA DISC.

Put in blu ray player.

Message "No compatible content on the disc"

Is on the disc as plays (not very well) on laptop.

Have I missed out something ?


By the way in my previous message when I referred to converting to mp4 this was to produce an AVCHD disc not bluray. You have to do this for AVCHD don't you ?

As always thanks for your time


UK Mick

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Yup I see it.

How do I fix it ?




I don't use Burn Data Disc with a folder set like Mr. Hardin recommended to you.


I don't know why he recommended you to bur/author a Blu-ray disc with burn data disc application.


I do see what happen with your disc clicking on options tho.


post-97-096116000 1324335264.jpg


I burn it to a image file from MyDVD then use Video Copy and Convert or ImgBurn to burn it to a disc..

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To make sure we are on the same page...


You only add the BDMV folder into Burn Data Disc:


post-39730-016366200 1324385738.jpg


And I checked my disc and find that I get the same result using a BD-RE disc. But they play on the 3 Players I have as well as Friends and Family on my 'distribution list' :lol:


post-39730-018799000 1324385743.jpg


Maybe time for a screen cap of your Project in MyDVD???

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I made a new BD folder set with MyDVD and a new BD ISO Image file with MYDVD, both Blu-ray 2D no menu.


First one burned with Burn Disc Image.


Second one burned with Burn Data Disc.


When both BD-RE disc's were put in my Panasonic DMP BD65 settop player, the player read them then stopped and acted like it wouldn't play them! When I pushed the play button on the settop remote they both played. So neither way burning, Burn Disc Image or Burn Data Disc made a DVD BD that would auto start for me and my player!


post-97-063925000 1324399576.jpg

post-97-030943200 1324399621.jpg

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As we say in London "This is doing my 'ed in"

I have had numerous tries, taking on board your advice, with the same results.

Well not quite the same as at various times when using the RE disc I got messages

"this disc is not supported by your drive"

"no disc"

"this disc is not blank" and when trying to delete it "this disc is blank" !

Anyway, I managed to get a playable film on both the RE and another -R disc, but both had a slight 'freeze' near the start putting the rest out of sync (but OK on VWave)

So, I think I am going to give it a rest until the New Year - not going to be at home much anyway - and then start from scratch again.

Thanks both for your help - just one unanswered question to CD - how do you get to the Options menu that you sent ?

Finally Seasons greetings to you


UK Mick

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