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Normalize Audio Files



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How do I normalize a bunch of audio MP3 files all at once to the same volume level? I have about 300 songs that I want the same volume level. I am trying to use Sound Editor. Seems like we could do it in earleier versions of Creator, but I don't see how to do it in 2011.


Maximize vs Normalize


What you get in Sound Editor is this; Selecting this option renders the entire mix, and then maximizes the volume of the resulting audio to ensure the loudest sound, while avoiding audio distortion.


post-58-048517000 1324335012.jpg


What you get in Burn Audio CD is this:

Audio EQ


Normalize tracks to a consistent level: This option sets the volume of songs in an audio project to a consistent level. The level is set by selecting the check box and moving the slider left or right. A setting of 90 percent, for example, sets the volume of all tracks in the current project to 90 percent of the loudest song. Normalization is turned off by default.



post-58-070789500 1324335348.jpg



For "Make Audio Projects -audio CD you get this for project settings


.post-58-050454900 1324335699.jpg

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