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Ruined Cd Discs While Using Multiple Recorders



Every now and then I get a job to make around 50 CD copies to a client. It's a simple and fairly quick job even though it takes a while to make labels and stick them to each disc and so on. I have just upgraded my MacPro to Lion and felt it was time to also upgrade my Toast program. I have been using Toast 8 (under OS 10.5.8) until now, with good results but upgraded to 11.0.4 of the Toast program. Since I have two CD players in my machine it is fairly quick for me to burn the CDs in both drives at the same time. With version 8 I had to make a copy of the Toast program to be able to use both drives simultaneously. So I got very happy when I discovered the Multiple Recorders function in this new version.


I made an Image file of the original disc, only 9.2 MB in size this time. I choose Multiple Recorders, choose the Image file, set them to 25 copies each and started burning. Everything goes well, no strange messages or anything. When the whole job was done we suddenly discovered that the discs couldn't be read either in the Mac or in a PC, only a message after a long time saying something like: "This disc cannot be read by this computer". (DHL was waiting for the discs to be sent to all European Healthcare authorities, so we can say we were lucky to find this out in advance).


Now I did some testing: I first made one copy by using the same Image file and toast only one single CD. It worked perfectly fine. Then tried to make two copies and used Multiple Recorders with the same result as earlier; both discs were ruined. So I had to get the job done and restarted my computer on the other disc with OS 10.5.8 and Toast 8 (both copies). I used the same Image file that I had created with Toast 11. I also checked that all my settings were identical in both Toast versions and used both CD-drives. Everything worked perfectly fine – all the discs were identical to the original. But I also discovered that I finalized the burning process in almost half the time compared to Toast 11 in OS Lion.


As you might understand my natural question after this long description would be: "What the h-l did I do wrong here?" Anyone out there with the same experience or a hint on what this might be about? Or shall we just blame the usual "bug-monster". I would really appreciate some help here! In the long run I don't want to keep the old system and old Toast only to be able to do this little task.

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I haven't tried that feature yet. As a quick test try adding the content from the mounted disc image to the Toast Data window and burn to multiple drives. See if that gets the same result. If so, the "feature" doesn't work. There is a feedback link in Toast Help. Be sure to use it to tell them what you've encountered.

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