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Making A Cd From Mp3's.



I've tried burning mp3's to cd with Win Media with bad results. A few songs will play on my radio cd player, then it starts skipping and stops completely. I'm wondering if it is the burn speed? But I don't know how to slow down burn speed on Win Media.


I've tried using CD-R and CD-RW disks but it's the same situation with either one when I try to play it on my radio cd player.


I have Win Vista that has Roxio Creator Basic v.9 installed on my computer. Is there an option to slow down burn speed on this version of Roxio?


I'm using CD-RW disks to burn the music simply because if the songs get screwed up I can at least reformat the CD-RW instead of throwing away a CD-R.


Thank you

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You should be ERASING a CDRW rather than FORMATTING it. Your Creator 9 should have an 'Erase Disc' button under 'Tools'.


If your Roxio Creator Basic v9 is anything like my Easy Media Creator 9, you should be able to control your CD burn speed this way:


post-208-072752600 1324537641.jpg


[1] In the top toolbar, go to Tools > Options.

[2] Select General > Advanced, and look for "select drive speed". There should be a pull-down for CD speed and one for DVD.

[3] With a disc inserted and spun-up, open that pull-down and select a suitable speed. Click OK near the bottom of the window.

[4] Now you should be able to click the Orange button to start the burn at your selected speed.




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Thank you for your help Brendon!


This is my first time using Roxio Creator Basic 9. I'm still a neophyte when it comes to burning music to disk.


The CD-RW disks show a speed of 12x. So the disk/burn speed on Roxio needs to be set at 12x or below?


I think this may have been the problem I was having burning disks with Win Media. I couldn't control the disk speed for burning music.

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Disc burning speed is actually a bit complex. The speeds you can choose to burn any particular disc at are a result of the speeds your drive's firmware will allow and the "write strategies" or pre-set speeds that are built into the disc.


For example, here is the same "52x maximum" Imation brand disc in two different writers.


post-208-011552900 1324584196.jpgpost-208-041560200 1324584222.jpg


Neither of the drives will write at 52x speed so that doesn't show, and the slowest speed one will agree on is 8x while the other will only go down to 12x. This is why I mentioned that the disc had to be inserted and spun-up, so the drive could see what speeds were available on the disc.


I would set the speed for your 12x discs to 12x or below, if available. I usually set my burn speed at around 60-75% of the best available speed and that does pretty well.


I'm sorry I can't just give you unconditional advice. There's still some 'art' and judgement in burning optical discs. The main thing I'd recommend is to find a brand and speed that suit your writer, and stick with that.


Brest regards,


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