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Dvd Vr Disk Editing

Jim B


I'm totally new to this DVD recording stuff. I've worked with videos that I generated with a video camera. I've ordered a Magnavox ZC320MW8B DVD recorder that records DVD RW discs in DVD VR mode. I understand this mode allows for the direct editing of the disc. I have EMC-8. Can I use this to edit these discs? Can someone point me to a site that might help me?

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Hi Jim,


I think that machines which will record in DVD-VR or DVD+VR mode are supposed to be able to directly edit their own discs.


Here are the types of inputs that EMC8's 'Edit Video' [Videowave] will accept.


post-208-075887400 1324708519.jpg


And here are the inputs that MyDVD8 will accept.


post-208-008217200 1324708774.jpg





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VR Discs are a little strange to work with…


Roxio May be able to Import directly from them or NOT!


If you FINALIZE or CLOSE them, they become ‘normal’ DVD’s… This isn’t such a bad idea, as you can buy the discs in bulk (go for quality brands) and end up with a lot of partial disc around but they are your archives! (Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden (JVC) are good ones)


Another way to handle them is to copy the VOB files from VIDEO_TS directory to your HDD and rename them, mpg. The should work as any mpg file then.


Give these things a try after you get the camcorder and let us know how it works out ;)

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