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Can I Take My Roxio To Another Pc? Also No Signal?



i want to go and use it at my grandads house but i have alreay registered on my oc, can i go and use it at his and then come back to mine???????????????




also every time i try to record i get no signal, hdmi cables are in xbox, so is component, component lease to front of roxio, all in corrctly,



right there is a cable that has a red and white on both ends and then there is another cable with component video, i put the red, blue, green in the roxio device and the red + white to the tv, the xbox component is pluged in and leads to bottom (under roxio game cap logo), with a yell ow hanging lose?



i have tried loads of mixing but cant quite get anything, still no signal, im using a desktop which is connected to a tv moniter and a xbox which is connected to that moniter, i have to switch channels to view them, i switched the xbox's quaity from 1080p to 1080i but still no signal,#



please help me!

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well can anyboody help me on this site????



You are not going to like what I say. When you installed the program, you agreed to limit the installation to one computer at a time. Theoretically, you would have to uninstall the program from your computer and install it to the other and then do the same later.


Did you follow the instructions carefully? There are some good video and images for different situations. Perhaps one of these two if the situation you have is different from the Roxio set up.


Yes, you can have a spare yellow wire under certain set-ups and using the add on wires connections.

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