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A Few Questions Before I Get The Roxio Game Cap.


Hey there, as the title says I'm thinking of getting a game capture device but I'm iffy on a few details, I have an older TV that I play in 480P with.


Is it cool if I play in 480P and record at the same time? Will the videos come out as 480P also?

I have the white XBOX 360 and I have the cable with the red white and yellow connections in my television and I have the green blue and red spare, will I need to use these with the device or will I need to buy any extras? (On Amazon it gave me the option to buy thishttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Component-High-Definition-Cable-xBox/dp/B002NQ1QG6/ref=pd_bxgy_vg_h__img_b )

I did see the Admins post about the video for connecting to older tv's which I will watch later as that Q above may be answered in the video.

I don't have a NASA computer but it does pass the minimum specs test so all should be well that end but what's the best format to record/edit in for Quality.

I should note that I'll be using this to record BF3 sessions (Yes I do play it in SD....for now) with friends and random epic clips that I feel are youtube worthy, so nothing serious but I want decent audio/video quality and I will be playing in HD soon so buying a pinnacle or Dazzle would be pointless!

I think that's all I'm confused about for now....until I buy it, I'll probably be back then. :P

Thanks for reading

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