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Static, Broken Audio Channels



So, I bought my RGC way back around when it was launched this past year. However, I didn't have a computer fast enough, so I didn't use it. Went to Japan for a trip, then came back, and decided to try using a old desktop we had laying around, but the left audio channel would not record, nor would it output to the tv. Put it away for a while, then I got a new laptop! Yay Clevo! I'll list the specs at the end, if they have anything to do with anything, for some reason. I tried recording again, but again, the left audio channel would not record, so I put it away again. I had an idea for recording audio, but I was a bit lazy in getting the parts (even though it was really simple).


Now I'm recording audio using 2 female-female vga audio plugs converting my red/white vga audio cables from my Xbox to a vga-3.5mm cable running to the line-in on my computer. If you have this problem, make sure you plug into LINE IN, not Microphone. Sound records fine now. Combined with a USB microphone and Audacity, I can pretty much do whatever I want now.


However, I do have another problem. Since I don't need the audio cables running to the Roxio (nor can I plug them in), there is no audio in. Nor is there audio-out, since it would just take up space on my TV, which is small and only has 1 set of audio-ins. When I have the Roxio plugged into my TV (video only), and my computer (USB2.0 or 3.0, doesn't matter), white static appears on the screen. It's about 1/8th of the height of the screen, and scrolls up. When it reaches the top, the image shakes vertically, then it disappears and starts from the bottom again. The static doesn't make it impossible to see, but it's annoying, and distorts whatever it's over.


But I think I found a fix for this, too. From trial-and-error, it appears to be related to the amount of power going in/out of the device. The device draws power from the component cables coming from my Xbox, and from the USB, which appears to be too much. I say this because if I unplug the USB from the computer, the static goes away, or is lessened. In addition, if I plug in audio-out (which would draw power) from the Roxio to the TV, and plug in the USB, the static goes away, or is lessened.


Is this normal? I'd prefer to not have the audio plugged into the TV, so I can use it for other things *coughcoughsnescoughcough*, but if I have to, I'll leave them plugged in. Also, is there a way for me to get my left-audio to record/output from the Roxio box? I think it's the electrical components, which I can't do much about. I did open it up, since the weight inside became loose (the sticky wasn't being used at all, it was just sitting there in the box!), and my warranty has long been outdated, as far as I know. Right now, replacing isn't a big priority, but if I have anymore problems, I'll have to move to a competitor's product.


Also, I remember getting an email survey a while back. Is there a reboot/upgrade planned soon? It'd be really nice to be able to record from older sources that don't use component video.


Specs (Clevo P151HM1 from Malibal):

Intel Core 17 2630QM 2.0G-3.2GHz (Quad)


nVidia GeForce GTX 560M

Recording to external USB3.0 7200rpm 1TB cradled HDD or internal 7200rpm 500GB/4GB NAND hybrid drive


Xbox VGA audio > f-f VGA plug > Turtlebeach splitter > VGA-3.5mm > Laptop Line-in



Roxio, Component-in only, Component-out and Audio-out, USB connected (no/little static)



Thanks in advance! With a little more refinement, I don't doubt the Roxio could become the leading PVR on the market, especially if the price remains the same.

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