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Usb Not Recognised



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Whenever I plug n the usb for my Roxio game-cap, it says ''Device not recognized. I have installed the software, and tried the following fixes:


Unpluging the power

Using a differant USB Port


Please help me!!!!!!



Did you install the 'Roxio Game Capture for consoles' software first?

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I cant post a cap, but it says : One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows cannot recognize it.





Need a screen cap of device manager with the USB Device plugged in.


post-97-004798900 1325448922.jpg

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I don't know how to post screen caps. lol. buuut, It shows an unrecognized device in 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' and nothing in 'Sound, Video and Game Controllers'



Right click it with the USB Device plugged in, then click uninstall.


Remove the USB Device and reboot the PC.


When it's up and running (USB Device NOT PLUGGED IN)run the installation disc again and choose repair when it's offered, reboot the PC.


Now plugin the USB Device and see if you show the two drivers like my Device Manager pic?

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