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Unable To Burn .iso Cd



I am trying to make an ISO Bootable CD.

I have an alienware machine with 2 DVD/CD writers from LG

Both drives successfully burn DVDs but when it comes to burning a CD they have trouble.


I get a burnfailure with an advanced message of

Sense: 04 ASC: 09 ASCQ: 00 (Command 2A)










I had never tried buirning an iso befire and I believe I may have burned a CD some time ago.


Amy suggestions on how to solve this?

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I get a burnfailure with an advanced message of

Sense: 04 ASC: 09 ASCQ: 00 (Command 2A)




The sense error information in bold is the important stuff. The rest is just a report on the version of your burn software for a technician.


The error 04/09/00 that's reported by the disc drive is a Track Following Error. The drive is reporting that it can't follow the spiral track pressed into the disc.


This can be caused by a drive going bad, or by poor burning media. Since the problem is showing in both your drives yet they both burn DVDs okay, I would be inclined to look very hard at your CD blank media. What brand are they?


Drives are built to handle some wobble in a disc track, and indeed it's a special graduated wobble which tells the drive where on a blank track it's reading, HOWEVER if the disc is poorly made and not properly centered, the track can wobble too erratically or too fast or too far for the laser mechanism to keep up with, and you get a Track Follow Error.


I'd try a different brand of blank CD. Be prepared to buy a decent brand since there is a lot of really rough cheap stuff around. Also, try reducing the burn speed since that also reduces the effects of wobble.




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