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Can't Access .dmsd And .jwl Files From Emc7 To Emc8



This question was posed not too long ago by me but went unanswered as far as for the results.

I have numerous .dmsd and .jwl files from label maker all from EMC7. Why can't these be accessed by EMC8 or am I doing something wrong???I have tried just installing DVD Builder and Label creator on a "Custom" installation but ends up installing all 547MB of software and content for all EMC. (Not NAPSTER or subfeatures that were turned off) I really don't want the added space used and besides I keep getting critical errors when the Ver 7 is installed and a .jwl file is accessed from label creator ver 7.

What am I doing wrong here? anyone know? Is there another way to access these files from ver 7 to ver 8?

Why would ROXIO do this as an upgraded product to not allow these to be accessed? :)

I have also tried going into my add/remove/modify install but to no avail, does not work and still installs 547MB of programming. Thanks for all the replies in advance...I hope someone may have an easy explanation for this and remedy my frustrations

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