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Intro Movies


Does anyone know how when using a video clip as the menu background launch the main video when the background video completes playing?



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Last question you asked, you never came back? HERE


Also that was in Creator 2011, now you are posting in Creator 2012. Is that what you have?


You are talking about 2 completly different things??? :huh:


An 'Intro Movie' is something you can add to a MyDVD Project. - it will play automatically when the disc is inserted, then go to the Main Menu and wait for user input.


Otherwise, I am guessing you mean you replaced the menu background with a movie.


The Menu is still there, just waiting for someone to click on the Title Button ~ "00064" in this example:


post-39730-022987800 1325798009.jpg

(it is hard to see so a color change would be advised in this case

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