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I Used To Have Creator Pro 2011,



This may not be in the right spot but I trust some one will move it if its not.


I use to have Creator Pro 2011, it downloaded the Service pack and added all sorts of new and nifty backgrounds, buttons and stuff. Can that stuff be added to 2012, cuz I don't see any mention of it. also how do i re-get 2011, no clue where the discs are and there's no download link(s) for it any where on the site.


thank you in advance



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Hello Derrick,


Service packs and 'content' discs are built for the specific version you have, and aren't transferable to the next version. Usually any improvements or fixes that a service pack provides will already have been incorporated in the next version, anyway.


I'm sorry, but if you've lost your Creator 2011 discs the only way you'll be able to get another copy is to buy one. I don't know of any provision Roxio make for replacing lost discs.




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