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Videowave Pan & Zoom



I have 2 slides showing a travel map, the 2nd being identical except for the addition of some points of interest. After the first dissolves into the second, I am using pan and zoom to zoom into the top portion of the 2nd slide. However, I would like to freeze the pan/zoom level for the last few seconds.

I have added 2 Key Frames on the 2nd slide, with the pan/zoom starting at KeyFrame 1 and ending at KeyFrame 2. How can I carry over the exact pan/zoom position from KeyFrame 2 to the End position?

A second, less important problem, is that the inital zoom of the 2nd slide is slightly less than 100%, resulting in a slight jump when 1 dissolves into 2. Using the slide bar or the zoom corners doesn't quite take it out to 100%.


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If I understood your question correctly, you don't need key frames at all for what you want to do.

1. Let say you want to see a photo for 10 seconds and the last 3 seconds you wnat to freeze.

2. You need initially to set time for this photo 7 seconds and then apply pan and zoom.

3. Only after that you extend duration of this photo for 3 more seconds (to get total 10 seconds). You will see during seconds 8 through 10 frozen zoom and pan as it was on the 7th second.


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