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Help-Mp3 Disc From Itunes Playlist _ Toast 11-Mac



Can anyone assist me please? I am trying to make an MP3 cd from an iTunes playlist. When I drag over the files from the playlist they remain as M4a files when I want them as Mp3 files and my car player does not recognise them. This is the reason why I bought this product (Toast 11). I have a playlist which is made up of varied tracks from my collection. If I convert them to MP3 from iTunes they do covert but are in varied folders all over the show. I thought Toast 11 would automatically covert them to Mp3 when I try and make an Mp3 Disc. Can anyone help. I hope I have explained it well enough. I am aware that I can create an MP3 cd from iTunes but this will not give me the directory structure I require, I want to use Toast 11.




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Toast does not have an mp3 encoder so the audio files must already be mp3 before adding to Toast. I know what you mean about using iTunes to create the mp3 versions because they don't replace those already in the playlist. There may be an easier way to do this but here is one way I can think of: In iTunes preferences choose the MP3 encoder. Select all the tracks in your playlist and choose Create MP3 version from the Advanced menu. When those are done select "Kind" in the View Options window via the View menu. Next, choose Show Duplicates from the File menu. Sort by Kind so all the mp3 files are together. Drag those to a new playlist. You can have iTunes burn your MP3 CD instead of Toast. Just click the burn button and choose MP3 CD as the disc type.

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