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No Cut Options?



How they can call it video editor if there is even not simplest thing / tool like cutting scenes. I recorded one video and now I want to do simplest things in the world.


1. cut out some (3-5) scenes from video.

2. make some scenes faster


And ouch there is not exist options like that? How it's can be possible? Even Windows movie maker have so simple options..

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for cutting out scenes just use Virtual Dub.

You can also do a little color correction and make the video look better.


But you can´t speed up or slow down the speed of the video.


I hope this will help you


m-atze You are completely wrong. Do you have the program and have you tried using it? The US version is the same as the German version. Did you even look at the help files and the tutorials? Please stop posting just plain wrong information.


Sie sind völlig falsch. Haben Sie das Programm und haben Sie versucht es benutzen? Die US-Version ist die gleiche wie die deutsche Version. Hast du auch bei der Hilfe-Dateien und die Tutorials aus? Bitte stoppen Entsendung schlicht falschen Informationen.




No need to do that and virtualdub may cause more issues then it is worth.


Did you watch this video tutorial? Did you know about story line and timeline? I prefer timeline for cutting and trimming. Did you notice the "speed" slider in the trimmer? Video Wave is a very powerful editing program but it doess take some time to learn to use it at its best.


What else do you want help with?

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