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Truncated Video Names On Br/dvd Burns



I am a big fan of Toast 11. It does a great job of making basic DVD and BR discs with decent menus in most cases.


Normally I am making simple discs (I do weddings) with 1-3 video files that have short file names (like: trailer, highlights, full length) and things work great.



But now I have the need to make 5-10 discs full of converted VHS and Hi8 tapes where each file may contain a number of sections which I have described in the file names of each file like so:


1987 - Football - Christmas - Easter - 18th Birthday.mp4


My issue is that when I add 10-20 of these files to a BR disc, toast truncates the files names far shorter then the width of the screen. For example even with the 'Splash' menu set to 16x9 it will reduce the above name to:


1987 - Football - C...


even though the full length name would fit easily give the menu layout and aspect ratio.


Is there anyway to change this? I can try and edit the names down to under 30 chars but I will lose a lot of info and I have 110 files so it will suck up a lot of time. Also splitting each file with only one activity is out since that would take many hours or work.



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That is a tough one to work around. If you reduce the number of titles on the menu page you can add more lines of text. I'm not certain where it breaks from 3 to 2 to 1 but you can find out by doing some testing. Otherwise you could develop a shorter code for the menu titles and have the longer descriptions in the packaging.

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