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Cannot Install Adeptec/roxio Udf Reader 5.x


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I am currently operating Window 7 64 bit.


I am trying to recover data from CD's burned either under Win 98 or XP. The CD's are in perfect shape.


When I insert the CD in a drive (I have tried three different drives) I can read the ISO 9660 part of the disk. It lists Autorun.exe, autorun.inf, c2udf.ink, c2udfs.vxd and readme.txt. Opening the readme.txt file, I get this info:


This disc uses the UDF file system.


You are currently looking at the ISO 9660 part

of this disc.


To read the content of this disc you have to

install an UDF file system reader.


For Windows 95 please run the program 'AUTORUN.EXE'

from the root directory of this disc.


So I do alot of research and find that if appears that I made these disks using a Sony CD-RW and used the included packet writer. I use Sony CD-RW most of the times, so this make sense.


I find an Adaptec/Roxio UDF file reader s/w version Idownload and install on my two Windows 7 64 bit machines.


After notification of successful install, I am prompted to reboot. I do, but then I cannot find the program to run....or is it just in the background. I can find it in the list to "uninstall", but only offers to uninstall, which it does.


If I try to find a Roxio and Adaptec file or program folder in the C drive, I find nothing.


Is it not compatiable with Windows 7 64bit?


Or do I not understand how it operates?

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The UDF reader you mention is very very old. My copy is dated 2002, but I think it was released a lot earlier than that.

The reader doesn't run under Windows 7, and certainly not under a 64-bit system.


If you want to read discs which were made by old UDF writing software, your best bet is to try either CDROLLER or ISOBUSTER [do an Internet search for them] These programs let you download a trial copy which will show you if they can recover any files from your CDs. You need to buy the program to actually recover files.



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