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Virus Or Unwanted Program



When I logged in this morning, I received a notice from my Avira security software that "TR/Agent.53248.386" was found in DVDMusicAssistant.exe part of my Roxio ECM 8. I found the DVDMusicAssistant.exe file in the Audio Master folder of my EMC 8 folder in Program Files. Should I let Avira delete the file? If so, what will be the impact on the performance of my EMC 8 software?

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With any reported infection of a only single file, there's always the possibility that your antivirus is giving you a 'false positive'. I've hammered my DVDMusicAssistant.exe from EMC 8 several different ways with an up-to-the-moment updated Avira Premium 2012 and couldn't get a reaction from Avira, so I think the 'false positive' is unlikely. If it was my system, I would let Avira delete the file.


Here are the properties shown by Windows for my file. It is version

post-208-031537300 1327608195.jpg



That file is the one used by EMC 8 for making music DVDs. These are standard video-DVDs with still pictures, menus, and audio tracks. I've played around with it, but the file doesn't seem to be needed for anything else.


I think your alternatives if Avira deletes the file are these:

[1] Just carry on without it if you never make audio DVDs.

[2] Extract another copy of it from your installer disc or file, into your Audio Master directory to replace the infected one.

[3] Completely uninstall and reinstall EMC 8.


The path to the file in an installer ZIP or disc is almost the same as on your hard drive, if you choose alternative #2.




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