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Sd Dvd Main Interface Page



We've been primarily using Toast 10 to create Blu-ray disks, but recently started using it for creating SD DVDs as well. Is there a way to make text titles appearing on the main DVD interface page to appear more clearly. Text looks great prior to burning, but this same text is blurry after it's burned to DVD. In addition to the text being blurry, it almost appears to have some shadowing behind the text.


This job is due, so hoping to get the problem resolved since the graphic artist I'm working with has very high standards.




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Are you using a 16:9 menu or a 4:3 menu. If you use a 16:9 menu I believe it will be anamorphic which should improve its clarity on a HD screen. I haven't heard from others about text clarity on SD menus so I'm not sure if what you're seeing is different from what I get. Which menu style are you using?

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