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Finalize A Dvd



I formatted a DVD via WIN7 now I want to finalize it, why can I not use the Finalize option in ROXIO 12? I get a error message, "Please insert an append able data disc that is CD media or DVD write-once media." Which programs should i use to finalize a disk? Secure Burn?

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There are two methods of disc writing implemented in Windows 7. They are "Mastered" or "Live File System"

The only kind of disc you can format with Windows 7 which needs to be finalized or closed, is one formatted with the Windows 7 "Live File System".


Before you can use a recordable disc (such as CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R DL, or DVD+R DL) formatted with the Live File System format in other computers, you need to close the current disc session to prepare the disc for use. In the Live File System the disc session is closed by default when you eject the disc, but you can close it manually with Windows Explorer.


To close a Live File System disc manually

[1]Click to open Computer.

[2]In Windows Explorer, click the disc burner drive, and then click Close session on the toolbar.



The reason why you can't use the Creator 2012 'Finalize Disc' button on a Windows 7 Live File System disc is because Creator 2012 [there is no Roxio 12] deals only with "Mastered" discs.




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