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How to reinstall Creator

eppy h




First time on the forum.


I was reading a solution to re-installing Roxio creator 10 after a crash & was advised to completely un-instal it & re-install.

However when going to re-instal, Roxio did not offer me a link to do so. I had a paid for & registered Creator 10 for less than two years but my money is wasted unless I can find a way of downloading it again. (I have the code Key etc. just need a link to retreave it from)

Can anyone help with advice?

On the solution that worked for someone else that was posted on the forum, me being very "un-computer" savvy, I just can't follow it with all the "extractions" & wrap etc..

So any advice can you please make infant understandable


harry h

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Hello eppy h,


You seem to be asking how to reinstall Creator 10, but you're posting in the Creator 2010 forum.


Creator 10, or Easy Media Creator 10 [EMC 10] to give its full name, is two years older than Creator 2010. Which one do you have?


Do I understand that you bought a download copy of the software from the online store but didn't save a copy of your download, and now you're wanting to download it again? If that's the case you're in dire difficulty since you're only allowed to download software for a very limited time after you buy it, and it looks like you might be well out of time.


If that's not the case and you do have a copy of whatever you bought and downloaded, please let me know what you have and we'll try and help you through your problem.




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