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Hellllpp! Sped Up Video And Audio Lag (Xbox360)



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Help i have just received my roxio game capture i have installed the software on my computer i Record A video Of mw3 and The video is all sped up and the audio lags

Here is a link the the video:



Please if any1 could help!!!!!!!!!


yo it looks like your system cant handle the resolution and speed of the ROXIO SOFTWARE.. Does your system meet the minimum system requirements stated on the ROXIO GAME CAPTURE box? Mine doesnt, and I had the same problem.. What you can do is make an account on ustream.tv and record/and or stream videos to ustream, then save them to youtube from ustream.. the ustream.tv broadcaster window allows you to change your settings in the ADVANCED SETTINGS TAB. I suggest NOT checking HIGH RESOLUTION, lowering FRAME RATE to around 17-20, and lower the VIDEO & AUDIO QUALITY down a bit.. Try that and see how it works for you.. You can also RECORD to USTREAM without BROADCASTING.. Just click the GO LIVE tab at top of page, CLICK RECORD and dont click START BROADCAST if you dont want to broadcast.. When you save your video if it is under 15 minutes it will give you the option to SAVE TO YOUTUBE



here is a link to my ustream where you can see recorded videos i recorded of MADDEN with ROXIO GAME CAPTURE on PS3..



also heres as link to my youtube channel where you can see the youtube results after uploaded from ustream..




Hope this helps. Feel free to tweet me with any questions at @GIANTZ_JEDI_CAP




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no problem man.. like i said i have same problem. i have a dell 960 single core celeron cheapo cpu..


another good site is www.blogtv.com. you can broadcast your own show there free, set up your show page with custom backgrounds, and broadcast and record gameplay or webcam..


check out my channel at http://www.blogtv.com/people/MADDEN_JEDI and


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